Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Present stage

The construction is the only incomegenerating activity and potential growth area for the Corporation. TheCorporation undertakes various civil various entrusted by the Government Departmentsfunded by State, Central Government and NABARD.

a) State Government Works:-

As on 30.04.2014 the following worksare on hand.

The total value of these worksamounted to Rs.8594.46 lakh.

Hostel (Boys and Girls) 102
ADWSchools & ScienceLabs 26
Community Halls 19
Tribal Works (Hostel, School,Lab, Teachers quarters, Cook quarters and Repair and Improvements) 73
Other works 4
Hostel Special Repair works 8
Deposit Works 13
Total 245

Of the above works 94 are in progress, 2 are tender under scrutiny, 6 tender to be called for, 40 site to be given, 45 RAS requested, 58 dropped proposal submitted.


b) Centrally sponsored works

As on 30.04.2014 the following worksare on hand

Hostel(Boys and Girls) 14
SCAfunded works 27
Total 41

The total value of these worksamounted to Rs.826.77 Lakh

Of the above works 21 are inprogress, 8 sites not available, 9 works RAS required, and for 3 works tender to be called for.


c) NABARD Scheme

Under NABARD – RIDF XVIII programme, the TAHDCO has undertaken 44 ADW Hostels. A sum of Rs.3754.56 Lakh was sanctioned by the government for the construction of 44 ADW boys/girls hostels, out of which 1 work completed 41 works are under progress and 2 works site to be given by the ADW Department.